Driving & Phone Policy


As a good employer and in recognition of the statutory duty of care to employees, JOZA GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED   recognizes that operating a mobile phone while driving may reduce concentration and contribute to the likelihood of an accident.

The purpose of this policy is to reduce the likelihood of an accident by informing and educating staff about the responsible use of mobile phones in vehicles and protect JOZA GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED employees from possible prosecution.

In view of the above, JOZA GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED adopts the following policy:

  • Prohibition on the use of hand held mobile phones including hands- free, Bluetooth and two-way radio communication while driving, except in case of emergency.
  • This Policy applies to all employees including those who use their own private car for work purposes.
  • Drivers may carry hand-held phones in their vehicles but while the vehicles engine is switched on, calls should be answered by the co-driver.
  • In the absence of the co-driver, making or receiving a call on a hand-held mobile phone, vehicles must be safely parked with the vehicle engine switched off.
  • Any driver found to be in breach of these rules may be subject to disciplinary action and prosecution.
  • It should also be noted that anyone who “causes or permits” the use of a handheld mobile phone by a driver will also be liable for prosecution. In view of this, managers must not expect, instruct or in any way put pressure on staff to answer phone calls while they are driving.
  • Managers are responsible for the promotion and maintenance of the policy by their staff and will receive training and guidance regarding their responsibilities in relation to the policy and enforcement of it.
  • It is the responsibility of employees to comply with the terms and conditions of the Policy and to inform their manager of anyone who fails to comply with the policy.

Failure to conform to the requirements of the Mobile Phones and Driving Policy may give rise to disciplinary action and prosecution.