Drugs & Alcohol Policy


JOZA Global logistics Ltd view seriously the problem of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and is committed to providing a substance Abuse Free Work Place for its Employees.

The use of Drugs and Alcohol Consumption both on and off the Premises during work hours can seriously affect an Employee’s Performance and Undermine the Capacity of the Company in many Ways.

Furthermore, Drugs use and Alcohol Consumption can endanger the safety of Other Employees and Client We Serve.

Therefore, the Company Adopts the Following Policy:

  • No employee shall possess, misuse, distribute, sell or consume alcohol and other hard substances such as cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, hashish or any other illegal or controlled substances while working with Joza global logistics limited.
  • Prescription drugs shall not be taken on duty and without the instruction of a physician or qualified nurse; in the event such drugs are consumed, ensure that you discuss with your doctor or manager on its effect on concentration or during the operation of machinery.
  • Consumption of HERBAL alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited in Joza global logistics limited.
  • Joza global logistics reserves the right to conduct random spot checks for the presence of alcohol or drugs through test to determine employees’ compliance to this policy.
  • Any employee in violation of this policy shall be denied access to company premises and sanctioned, which may include summary dismissal.
  • Any employee who fails to yield to random test on alcohol and controlled substances shall be deemed as a violator of this policy.
  • Joza global logistics reserves the right to conduct random search on her personnel trucks and sites for the presence of alcohol and illegitimate drugs.

Hence anyone on medication prescribed by a qualified physician that has the potential to impair their ability to operate machinery must advice their supervisor on same.

This policy is applicable to all persons within Joza global logistics premises and assets.