Health & Safety Policy

Joza global logistics Limited is committed to conducting her operations in a matter that is consistent with the highest standards of health and safety to prevent occupational illness, injury, loss and damage to the environment on all her operations while promoting a dynamic approach to hazard control and risk mitigation by encouraging best practices for the improvement of a safe and healthy work environment.

Joza Global Logistics Shall:

  • Give the highest priority to the health, safety and security of all employees and persons lawfully at the work place.
  • Continuously pursue the goal of ZERO accidents and no harm to people.
  • Comply with and exceed all applicable health and safety legislation.
  • Takes measures to ensure that every employee understands and complies with the responsibility of taking reasonable care of their health and safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts and inactions while at work.
  • Provide safe site and equipment; workplace and systems of work that are without risk to health.
  • Equip her workforce adequately against all identified risks to health and safety in her operations.
  • Promote a proactive positive safety culture and encourage the reporting of all incidents and potential incidents.
  • Ensure that all visitors and contractors within our worksites are adequately informed of all risks and protected against harm.
  • Investigate all incidents and potential incidents as part of risk management program to identify root causes of incidents.
  • Facilitate inspections of all her worksites and equipment to ensure her operations are safe.

Document and periodically review all occupational safety and health procedures against world’s best practices.