At JOZA, we are always on the lookout for highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated people who are able to develop and grow, as they contribute to our Group’s continuing success.

Our business strategy is to attract and retain only the very best talent who can really bring and make the difference in our vibrant business. We are committed to making this happen. New people bring fresh ideas, different approaches and individual flair. The synergy created between new and experienced managers, who know our business inside out, is one of our unique strengths.

At JOZA there is no stereotype to conform to. We look for people who will not only excel in the target job but who have the ability to develop further.

We are a Company positioned for the future, and we focus on developing, motivating, rewarding and retaining individuals with the required knowledge and competencies that will propel us into this great future.

Our employment beliefs
We want to be known as a leading employer of choice. We work hard to attract the right kind of people that can have challenging and rewarding careers within our company. Here are the beliefs that drive our approach to working at Joza Global Logistics Limited.

Being the best
• Our leadership strategy is geared towards attracting and retaining only the very best people – the people who can really bring their difference to our business
• Our people learn from each other and create a talent pool of world class management.

• Respect for individuality is key to our success. The strengths that differentiate you from others are what attract us.

Personal growth
• We encourage you to grow to the limit of your potential. We offer a challenging environment that stretches your capabilities to the full. We encourage you to grow to the limit of your potential.

Team effort
• Our business is driven by exceptional and dedicated people with a shared desire to excel as a team. We invest in a culture which promotes the global interaction of talent, creative thinking, and approaching problems from different perspectives.

• Our remuneration policies are designed to attract needed talent and retain high performing employees by fostering a culture that rewards achievement of outstanding results and provides the opportunity for all employees to learn and grow.

• We encourage individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge through learning via international and external sources. We believe that working with role models is key. We have invested resources in building a meaningful network of coaching, mentoring and feedback to enhance employee personal development.

The JOZA Way
Finally, at JGL we believe continuous and effective communication enables all our employees attain a shared understanding of, and buy-in to the Company’s vision and strategic direction. To this end, several times a year, we hold Corporate and Departmental Retreats and work-sessions lasting a couple of hours to a few days each, and targeted at various employee groups. These sessions aid awareness creation, knowledge building, issues identification, solutions planning and development and implementation efforts for our various plans and initiatives.

All these programs combined help us at JOZA to develop our employees into strong and capable business executives today, and tomorrow.