Other Staff

  • Staff– We have an excellent recruitment platform for staff recruitment and selection. Most of our staff are graduates, with further external and on the job training on transport and logistics operations. They are young, vibrant and career driven, they are all part of the business vision to make a mark in the transport industry. We currently have about 82 staff in this category.


  • Technicians-we have very good technicians that handle all our maintenance issues end to end, most of them from reputable firms like Leventis Solution and Anamco, some have undergone some overseas training. Team is headed by a former workshop manager of Leventis Solution. We have the mechanics, Auto Electricians, Vulcanizers, Welders, and Panel Beaters in this group. We currently boast of a technician strength of 95.


  • Drivers-We pride ourselves with the provision of well trained and well paid safety conscious drivers to our clients. Training is done by certified instructors on Defensive Driving Techniques, we also use other consultants and the road safety officers to further improve their safety consciousness and personal effectiveness. We also organize quarterly and monthly external and in house training on safety/ personal effectiveness were. We are known in the industry for this. Our driver and driver’s mate staff strength fluctuates between 800 and 900.